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Ban Labs Sesa Oil

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Ban Labs Sesa Oil

Ban Labs Sesa Oil

Made in India
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Description:Sesa Hair oil is a production of. Ban Labs Private Limited. This hair oil has been made by Tail Pak vidhi with milk. The Main ingredients are different kinds of medicinal herbs are mixed in a base of coconut oil and other oils like wheat germ oil, lemon oil, and by following the Kheer Pak Vidhi.

Ksheer Pak Vidhi or Tail Pak vidhi is a well-known ancient method to make chemical free herbal oil. This Is the main things that draw my attention as a buyer. In this procedure all herbs and herbal oils boiled with milk. As a result all the properties of the herbs remain the same.



Sesa hair oil as I previously mentioned is a mixture of herbs and coconut oil. The hair care formula has been designed uniquely with 18 different herbs that have hair nourishment properties and five hairs revitalizing agent, mixed in coconut oil and processed by Kshir Pak Vidhi with milk.

Kshir Pak vidhi is an old Indian Process of making herbal oil. As a result Of this unique process Sesa Hair oil is free of silicone or other chemicals, which is harmful to our hair.


How to Use Sesa Hair Oil:

SESA Hair Oil is easy to use and you can use these instructions if you are confused about how to use sesa hair oil.

  • It comes in a plastic container with a round shaped maroon cap.On opening, the cap pours required quantity of Sesa Hair oil in a container.
  • Heat this over a low flame.
  • Then massage/apply the oil gently over the scalp and the hair length.
  • Keep it overnight.
  • Apart from this way anyone can also massage this oil over the scalp and cover the hair with a Turkish towel that has been dipped into hot water.
  • This will give your hair a soft and smooth feeling. Wash it off with shampoo in the morning.


To get the best result, use it at least twice a week, and massage it in a circular motion on your scalp. It will increase the blood circulation to the hair root and this will promote the hair to grow.


Sesa Hair Oil Benefits:


Sesa Hair oil is a wonderful combination of 18 natural herbs, 5 hairs vitalizing natural oil, and processed in a base of coconut Oil with milk following by Kshir Pak method. So no wonder this is Oil that has innumerable benefits for our hair. Here I will present the complete range of benefits that Sesa hair oil promotes.


  • Promote Hair Growth: To get a long and healthy hair the hair follicles need to be strong and nourished properly. As Sesa Hair oil is a rare combination of different medicinal herbs and oils, it gives the hair follicles full nourishment to grow properly. Bramhi and Brigharaj— these two herbs are very effective for the growth of the hair. So, i would recommend you sesa oil for hair growth.
  • Give Relief to dandruff and Dry Scalp: Sesa hair Oil works very well to get rid of Dandruff problems as it contains herbs like Raswanti, Neem, Beej and Yashtimadhu that acts as the antibacterial and anti-fungal agent and protects the scalp from infection.
  • To Enhance Hair Volume:  On massaging Sesa hair oil our hair could regain its full volume. This herb enriched hair oil ensures hair growth and also slow down the hair fall. We can get the benefits of Triphala—-Amla, Shikakai and Reetha, the trio herbs resist the hair fall and improve the hair growth as well.
  • Easy Remedy to Treat Split Hair Ends: Due to dust and pollution, our hair gets damaged. Another reason is Lack of time for hair care. We hardly get enough time to comb all the hair. So, as a result, our hair gets tangled and hair ends breaks. Sesa Hair oil is a perfect remedy to end up all these problems as it is purely herbal and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Circulate Blood to the Hair Roots: Massaging oil itself a very effective way to keep the blood to reach the roots of each hair strands. Sesa Hair oil massage and regular use can result in a healthy looking hair, as it also supplies essential vitamin oils along with other nutrients.
  • Resists Premature Hair Greying and Baldness: Sesa Hair oil Massage resists premature hair greying and baldness.