Kottakkal Anu Tailam
Kottakkal Anu Tailam

Kottakkal Anu Tailam


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Anu Oil is an herbal Ayurvedic oil used for Nasya. When practicing Nasya, a few drops of Anu Oil are inserted into each nostril to support the healing of various disorders affecting the head, eyes, nose, ears and throat. It balances all three of the Doshas.  




Hair loss

Premature gray hair

Allergic Rhinitis

Ear, eye, nose, tongue and throat diseases.



2 – 8 drops inserted into each nostril in the morning after a gentle face massage with oil. It is best to undergo Nasya treatment under medical supervision.


Common Product Combinations:

Duration of Use:

It can be used for a long period of time on a daily basis.


Side Effects:

Doing the Nasya treatment too often may cause nasal congestion, sinusitis and headaches.


Composition :

10 ml prepared out of :

» Jivanti : 2.314g

» Jala : 2.314g

» Devadaru: 2.314g

» Jalada: 2.314g

» Tvak: 2.314g

» Sevyam: 2.314g

» Gopi : 2.314g

» Himam: 2.314g

» Darvitvak : 2.314g

» Madhuka : 2.314g

» Plava: 2.314g

» Vari: 2.314g

» Pundrahva: 2.314g

» Vilva: 2.314g

» Utpala: 2.314g

» Dhavanau (each): 2.314g

» Surabhi: 2.314g

» Sthire (each): 2.314g

» Krimihara: 2.314g

» Patra: 2.314g

» Truti: 2.314g

» Renuka: 2.314g

» Kamalakijiika: 2.314g

» Bala: 2.314g

» Tailam 10.000ml

» Ajadugdha 10.000ml

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