Kottakkal Dhanvantaram (7) Tailam
Kottakkal Dhanvantaram (7) Tailam

Kottakkal Dhanvantaram (7) Tailam


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Kottakkal Dhanvantaram (7)
The effect of this in Vata and allied ailments is remarkable.
This is inevitable during pregnancy and after delivery. The benefit of KSHEERABALA TAILAM are mostly applicable to this and suppress, according to physiscians plain Vata and Kapha - mixed Vata, while KSHEERABALA is more effective in rheumatism and Pitta-mixed Vata.

Can be used for Snehapana, Nasya and Vasti.
There is no need to say that DHANWANTARAM KASHAYAM's benefits are also available in this.
7 TIMES = Prepared in 7 repetitions.

It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, neck pain and back ache due to spondylosis, 

Dosage :
This oil can be used internally or externally (Nasya, Sirovasti,Abyanga etc)depending on the condition of the disease.
Internal : 5 to 10 drops, or as directed by physician

Composition :
Each 10 ml contains :
10 ml of medicated oil
Kasayam :Bala 45.000g Yava 0.625g Kola 0.625g Kulattha (each) 0.625g Kalkam :Dvimeda (each) 0.075g Daru 0.075g Manjistha 0.075g Kakolidvaya (each) 0.075g Candana 0.075g Sariba 0.075g Kustha 0.075g Tagara 0.075g Jivaka 0.075g Rsabhaka 0.075g Saindhava 0.075g Kalamusari 0.075g Saileya 0.075g Vaca 0.075g Aguru 0.075g Punarnava 0.075g Vari Ksiraskala 0.075g Yasti 0.075g Vara (each) 0.075g Rasa 0.075g Satahva 0.075g Supyaparni (each) 0.075g Ela 0.075g Tvak 0.075g Patra 0.075g Paya 180.000ml 

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