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Kottakkal Mahabala Tailam

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Kottakkal Mahabala Tailam

Kottakkal Mahabala Tailam

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Can be used internally like Dhanwantaram avartii.
Very useful for women after delivery and for those not conceiving.
Good for those with sperm weakness ans exhausted tissues.
Also in hiccup, cough, injuries to vital points (marmas point) and other ailments, gulma, asthma and hydrocele and all conclusive Vata troubles, adhimandha (glaucoma) rheumatic pain, gout pain, etc.

Composition :
Each 10 ml prepared out of :
» Tailam : 10.000ml
» Dasamula - each - 2.000g
» Balamula 20.000g
» Yava 6.667g
» Kola 6.667g
» Kulatha 6.667g
» Madhuragana - each- 0.028g
» Saindhava 0.028g
» Sajarasa 0.028g
» Sarala 0.028g
» Davadaru 0.028g
» Manjishta 0.028g
» Chanada 0.028g
» Kushtha 0.028g
» Ela 0.028g
» Kalanusari 0.028g
» Mamsi 0.028g
» Saileya 0.028g
» Patra 0.028g
» Tagara 0.028g
» Sariba 0.028g
» Vacha 0.028g
» Satavari 0.028g
» Asvagandha 0.028g
» Satapusha 0.028g
» Punarnava 0.028g
» Paya 80.000ml 0.028g