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Sri Sri Tattva Shakti Immunity Drops

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Sri Sri Tattva Shakti Immunity Drops

Sri Sri Tattva Shakti Immunity Drops

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Sri Sri Ayurveda is product to introduce yet another product which would help common masses in providing good health enriched with organic natural herbs. Immunity can be developed for the individual by taking herbs for some period of time which is known as RASAYANA THERAPY, which is elaborately mentioned in Ayurveda. Sri Sri Ayurveda brings you an excellent all round Immunity builder by way of a novel product that is sure to make you feel great ' The carefully selected herbs that constitute Sri Sri Ayurveda SHAKTI Immune Drops and contribute greatly in building immunity are: 
1. Amlaki which is Tridoshahara (pacifies all the three doshas) and is rich in Vitamin C, works as an anti oxidant, antiaging (Vayasthapana) and rejuvenator (Rasayana) helps in building up the immunity and provides good resistance power (Vyadhi nirodhaka shakti) to fight against illnesses and helps in preventing their recurrence. 
2. Ashwagandha is kapha vatha shamaka (Pacifies vatha and kapha), it is classified in the group of Balya (strengthening), Brhmaneeya (Nourishing) by Acharya Charaka means that which gives strength and nourishes the body. Ashwagandha provides the active ingredient withanolide and withaferin which affect the T&B Lymphocytes to fight against the disease causing pathogens. The herb was found to have a very good anti-oxidant activity, which may in part the anti-stress, antinflammatory and antiageing effects. 
3. Bringaraj is again kapha vatha shamaka (Pacifies vatha and kapha),the active principle in Bringaraj, Wedoloctone shows anti hepato toxic property and helps as liver tonic which helps in proper releasing of digestive enzymes. It acts as rasayana (rejuvinator), and antioxidant (vayasthapana) and thus helps in improving the immunity of the person. 
4. Brahmi is kapha pitha shamaka, and is categorised in vayasthapana gana (anti aging) by charaka. Due to its unique property of bringing about an improvement in the cognitive functioning of the brain it helps in bringing down stress and helps indirectly in improving the immunity. 
5. Guduchi is also Tridoshahara, pacifies all the aggrevated doshas, and is categorised in Vayasthapana (Antiaging), Dahaprashamana (antacids), means it is best rasayana herb which helps in rejuvenation, and postpones the symptoms of aging. It helps in acidity by promoting good digestion and further helps in assimilation of food substances and absorption of nutrients, which helps in proper growth and building up the immunity. 
6. Shankapushpi is also Tridoshahara, pacifies all the aggrevated 3 doshas. It is the best drug which sharpens the memory and which calms the mind and reduces stress. It thereby promotes good sleep and in turn helps in promoting the functioning of all the body parts, being indirectly helpful as an immunity builder. 
7. Satavari is vatha pitha shamaka; it has an active principle shathavarin, that maintains an optimum hormonal balance and boosts the immunity. 
8. Yashtimadhu is Tridoshahara, pacifies all the aggravated tridoshas. It is categorised by charaka in jeevaneeya group of herbs that which nourishes the body. The active ingredient, Glycyrrhyzin enhances the antibody production which fights against the infections and makes us disease free. It also acts as an antacid and helps in acidity by promoting good digestion. SHAKTI Immune Drops Description or Label Claim: Immunity Builder Ingredients: This unique and easy to use product contains Pure Water Extracts of 8 invaluable Ingredients ' Amla, Ashwagandha, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Amruth, Shankapushpi, Satavari & Yashtimadhu! SHAKTI uses only the best of Herbs that are 100% Certified ORGANIC. Instructions for Use: Just add 5 to 6 drops from the easy to use dropper bottle, mixed with a small cup (150ml) of water and drink! Indications: Helps in improving all round immunity; Rasayana, Kasa & Swasa.