Aswin's Kesh Sutram
Aswin's Kesh Sutram

Aswin's Kesh Sutram

Aswin Herbs

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Aswins’s  Kesh Sutram
Amla: Considered as the best hair rejuvenator since ancient times prevents hair fall and clears dandruff
Bringaraj: Prevents premature graying and considered as the best hair tonic.
Henna: Natural hair conditioner
Methi: Cools the Scalp
Sikakai & Arita: Best known natural hair wash and hair cleansers since ancient times.
How to use: Mix sufficient quantity powder in water and apply evenly on the scalp to make a hair pack, leave it for 15 minutes as you relax, take bath later for Soft Smooth Shiny hair. Can be used as regular hair wash without making hair pack also.
Note: Do not use soap/shampoo for washing the hair pack. The same powder can be used. For better results use Kesh Sutram twice a week for three weeks

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