Ban Labs Dermafex Soap
Ban Labs Dermafex Soap

Ban Labs Dermafex Soap

Ban Labs

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Ban Labs Dermafex Herbal Skin Care Soap is a herbal formula that helps to restore the pH levels on the skin apart from eliminating all bacteria, viruses and fungi. Regular hand wash using this soap can prevent diseases that spread through hands. The natural herbs will act on your skin to nourish it with all necessary nutrients and ensure smooth, shining and healthy skin.
Key Ingredients:
Jaitoon oil
Karanj oil
Brihat marichyadi oil
Aloe vera
Key Benefits:
Dermafex Soap prevents bacterial and fungal skin infections
This soap relieves itching and cleans the skin of dirt and microbes
It strikes and eliminates pathogens on the skin and nourishes the skin
Anti-microbial herbs like neem, sandal and turmeric to combat various kinds of disorders on the skin
It supports the recovery of acne, pimples, eczema and pruritus
This soap removes grime and pollutants from the skin without stripping away vital oils
Directions For Use:
Regular use on face and body, as a bath soap
Safety Information:
Protect from direct sunlight, heat and moisture
Do not use if seal is broken
Keep out of reach of children
Store in a cool, dark and dry place

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