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AVP Dhanwantharam Gulika

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AVP Dhanwantharam Gulika

AVP Dhanwantharam Gulika

Made in India
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Dhanwantharam Gulika is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine 

  1. used to treat vaat roga, hiccups, difficult breathing, dizziness and severe cough.
  2. This medicine acts as tonic in pregnancy and helps to prevent pregnancy related complications.
  3. Rheumatic diseases, Arthritis.

1-2 tablets thrice a day mixed with kwath or jeeraka water or as directed by physician.

Ingredients of Dhanwantharam Gulika:
Ela Elettaria (cardamomum),
Viswa(Zingiber officinale),
Abhaya(Terminalia chebula),
Ajaji (Trachyspermum roxburghianum),
Brihati (Solanum surattense), 
Jiraka (Cuminum cyminum),
Kiratika(Andrographis paniculata), 
Jeenoshana(Piper cubeba),
Simhika(Solanum indicum),
Rudraksha(Elaeocarpus sphaericus),
Suradaru (Cedrus deodara),
Karpura (Dryobalanops aromatica),
Grandhika (Boswellia serrata),
Himambu(Rose Water),
Jiraka kwatha (Cuminum cyminum)